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We offer on a case by case basis the option of refinishing or restoreing your wooden items such as furniture,outdoor structures or antiques.

There are sometimes items from our family or past that we want to hold on to and cherish. Often it is something made out of wood such as furniture that is passed down-it might be a dresser, desk, bed, outdoor item or even a table. Or it could be an old antique item that we have treasured that has weathered through the ages as well.

A treasured antique or piece of furniture doesn’t have to be thrown out just because it’s aged or worn. It can be restored or refinished, so it looks new again, or similar to when it was purchased. It can be expensive to buy new furniture, so the next best thing is refinishing or even restoration. If you don’t have any older furniture that has been passed on, there is always plenty to find at garage sales, resale stores or even estate auctions. Sometimes it can be more affordable to restore furniture instead of buying it brand new. The craftsman here at can help you with refinishing or even restoring some of your wood items such as furniture, outdoor structures or even antiques.

It is also helpful if you have a photo of your item in its earlier state to give to a professional. This will help them make the piece of furniture or antique look like its original style. When you have something special you want to hold onto, restoring it is always the best option.

Please call 1-800-935-9105 to discuss your refinsishing or restoring project or click here to contact me with questions. Thanks and May God Bless.

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